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About Us

Musawah is a global movement of women and men who believe that equality and justice in the Muslim family are necessary and possible. In the 21st century there cannot be justice without equality; the time for equality and justice is now!

Equality in the family is the foundation for equality in society. Families in all their multiple forms are central to our lives, and should be a safe and happy space, equally empowering for all.

Musawah builds on centuries of effort to promote and protect equality and justice in the family and in society.

Musawah is led by Muslim women who seek to publicly reclaim Islam’s spirit of justice for all.

Musawah acts together with individuals and groups to grow the movement, build knowledge and advocate for change on multiple levels.

Musawah uses a holistic framework that integrates Islamic teachings, universal human rights, national constitutional guarantees of equality, and the lived realities of women and men.

Musawah was launched in February 2009 at a Global Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attended by over 250 women and men from 47 countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and the Pacific. For details see