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About Us

Who is CDI HS?

Community Development Institute Head Start (CDI HS) is the National Interim Manager (NIM) for Head Start and Early Head Start programs for the Office of Head Start (OHS). When a grantee can no longer operate a local program OHS awards the grant to CDI HS, while OHS completes a formal process to identify a replacement grantee in the local community. CDI has provided interim management services to over 215 programs since 2000.

Why is interim program management needed?

When existing grantees are no longer viable, OHS is able to ensure services continue with minimal disruption to children and families through interim management. Circumstances leading to interim management of a Head Start and/or an Early Head Start program include: grantee relinquishment, termination or as a result of the Designation Renewal System. Common reasons for interim management include financial, health and safety, governance, or program quality issues. Frequently the presenting issue is an indicator of many underlying compliance problems.

Where does the local funding for the HS/EHS program go when CDI HS comes in?

CDI HS is awarded a new grant at the same level of funding. After CDI begins interim management, the prior grantee is responsible for closing out their grant and is fully responsible for satisfactorily reconciling all costs incurred or obligated prior to CDI HS’s start date. 

What is the process for CDI HS to transition?

Once OHS identifies a replacement grantee, pre-transition conference calls are scheduled between OHS, CDI, and the successful replacement grantee. CDI provides an overview of the transition process and a transition timeline is confirmed. CDI provides all program operation documents, updates of program improvements during interim management, and support to the replacement grantee for a successful transition.

How does CDI HS operate the program?

CDI is located in Denver, Colorado, where program fiscal operations, human resources, and information technology for interim programs is managed. Site managers and their team of content area specialists travel frequently for onsite support and communicate often through conference calls and Adobe Connect meetings with programs to support program operations, staff development and progress on meeting all Head Start Program Performance Standards. Day to day local program operations are funded through the program grant covering all costs in a typical Head Start or Early Head Start program and run by staff hired locally.

How can CDI HS meet our needs if it doesn’t know our community?

All interim programs operate within the framework of the national Head Start Program Performance Standards, and all applicable federal, state, tribal and local regulations. In most cases, many of the staff hired by CDI HS are the very staff who have been working in the program for years and know and live in the communities where the programs are operated. It is through the staff, community and CDI HS’s own comprehensive multi-layered assessment processes that CDI HS learns about what is working well and what needs improvement.

 How long will CDI HS be in our community?

CDI HS serves as the interim program manager of a Head Start or an Early Head Start program until a replacement grantee has been identified by OHS, typically for approximately a year or until a successful replacement grantee can be identified. CDI HS cannot apply to be the replacement grantee, nor is CDI HS involved in identifying a replacement grantee.