The Center for Arts Education

  • New York

About Us

The Center for Arts Education (CAE) is dedicated to ensuring that New York City Public School students have quality arts learning as an essential part of their K-12 education. Today, CAE is the only organization in New York working through direct service programs in schools; professional development for school leaders, classroom teachers and teaching artists; and active advocacy and public engagement to inform and influence educational and fiscal policies in support of a well-rounded education for all children that includes the arts. CAE works to:

  • Raise awareness of the value of arts learning for every child and increase public consciousness about the need for dedicated arts curricula in all schools;
  • Provide in-school programs in dance, music, theatre and visual-media arts;
  • Provide professional development to ensure quality school based arts learning;
  • Supply tools and support for educators, parents, elected officials, and others to advocate for equitable education that includes the arts;
  • Influence educational and fiscal policies that will support arts education in all of the city's public schools.