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ACHIEVEMENT PREPAchievement Prep is a college-preparatory public charter school network located in Washington, DC, currently serving students in grades 4 through 8. Achievement Prep opened its elementary campus in 2013 serving kindergarten through third grade. Achievement Prep's mission is to prepare students to excel as high-achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college and beyond.

Achievement Prep is located in Ward 8 of SE, DC, in one of the most historically underserved areas of the city. The majority of Achievement Prep scholars reside within a 5-mile radius of the school, 100% are African-American, and over 90% qualify for free or reduced lunch. Although the majority of children who come to Achievement Prep are 2-3 years behind grade level, since opening its doors in 2008, Achievement Prep scholars have been some of the highest performing children in the District of Columbia, managing to outperform many of their peers from more affluent and privileged backgrounds. In 2009, in its first year of operation, Achievement Prep scholars scored 82% proficient or advanced in math (100% of the 5th graders were proficient or advanced) and 56% proficient or advanced in reading on the DC CAS. Each following year, Achievement Prep scholars have steadily increased their scores, consistently outperforming the District by double digit numbers. Achievement Prep offers an extended school day, an extended school year and a strong academic model of how to close the achievement gap in education.

FOURTH GRADE START – LITERACY: All students deserve to learn. All students can not learn if they can not read. Literacy is the most essential academic skill upon which the majority of all future skill and knowledge acquisition is based. Yet literacy is at risk even before a socio-economically disadvantaged child enters school in the youngest grades. Research indicates that between birth and age three, a socio-economically disadvantaged child hears some 30 million fewer words than a child who is economically advantaged. The detrimental effects of this "early catastrophe" are most evident when students enter the 4th grade and unsuccessfully move from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the fourth grade slump. Achievement Prep's school model is purposefully and strategically designed to combat the fourth-grade slump by beginning its enrollment at this critical educational stage and by implementing a rigorous academic program focused on literacy intervention, remediation and acceleration.

CHARACTER & LEADERSHIP: Through our Be the Dream character and leadership education program, we focus on the development and practice of the DREAM (Determination, Respect, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Mastery) values. This simple acronym serves as a cultural touchstone and drives all that we do. The goal is for Achievement Prep scholars to not merely do "well," but also to do "good." Our school culture makes it "cool" to do well – and to help others. Through clear rules and constant positive reinforcement, all Achievement Prep scholars learn to take responsibility for themselves, their school, and their community.

OUR BELIEFS: At Achievement Prep, we believe that:

  • Literacy is the most essential academic skill upon which the majority of all future skill and knowledge acquisition is based.
  • All students, regardless of race or socio-economic status, deserve a top quality, rigorous college-preparatory education.
  • Closing the achievement gap in education is the "good fight" all schools must fight – and win.
  • When provided with a highly structured, disciplined and supportive learning environment, and with quality, targeted instruction, all students will achieve to the highest academic standards.
  • Frequent and continuous assessment is needed for a quality learning environment.
  • Our most important partnership is our partnership with our families.

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