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About Us

LINGOs is a consortium of humanitarian relief, development, conservation, health and social justice organizations that came together to share learning resources and experiences. Our mission it to provide world-class learning opportunitites at no cost to anyone working to improve lives in the developing world.

We currently have three program areas - a membership group that provides learning resources and services to international NGOs that are members of LINGOs. These services include but are not limited to a Learning Management System, eLearning courses on a wide range of general and NGOs specific topics, tools to create eLearning, platforms to conduct online learning and membership in professional learning societies.

Our Project Services group provides capacity building in project management based on the PMD Pro (Project Management in Development - Professional) certification that is accredited by APMG (same organization that runs the Prince2 project management certification). The Project Services Group runs face to face workshops, trains other training organizations, conducts online classes both organization specific and open classes and supports PM4NGOs the owners of the PMD Pro standard.

Our Last MIle Learning initiative, launched in 2013, will provide capacity development content to anyone working in the developing world. Hosted on an "open" portal content can be downloaded and used freely by anyone. Organizations wishing their own Learning Management System can purchase a hosted LMS Lite from LINGOs for a fee - enabling them to track learners and provide additional customized content if they desire.