Kaleo Area Women Development Association

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About Us

Mission Statement:

To support women and children in vulnerable situations with particular regard to HIV/AIDS.

To share and actively work with many vulnerable and the marginalised on issues of socio- economic, cultural and political development to enhance women and children access to equal opportunities.


  • Counselling, care, and support for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).
  • Educating the general public on the prevention of HIV/AIDs.
  • Educating women and children on their fundamental human rights, particularly regarding reproductive health.
  • Promoting literacy among women and children of all ages in target communities.


Since the year 2000, KAWDA and DIHA have been implementing a series of projects which include:

-Counselling people living with HIV/AIDS and victims of domestic violence.

-Organising monthly socialisation meetings for people living with HIV/AIDS.

-Providing help to PLWHAs and visiting them at their homes and villages regularly.

-Implementing community education outreach programmes that promote the rights of women and children and advocates against the discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS.

-Educating school pupils and community members on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

-Organising literacy classes for children and adult illiterates, especially women and female school drop-outs.

-Facilitating women's access to credit facilities from institutions to be able to support their businesses.