Jersey City Employment and Training Program, Inc.

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About Us

The Jersey City Employment and Training Program (JCETP), a non-profit agency, is mandated by The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and has been serving Jersey City residents for nearly three decades.  Our motto is “Helping Our Community to Work.”   Our Executive Director is former Governor James McGreevey.  

JCETP continues its mission of helping our community to work through personal outreach services, workshops to prepare job seekers, intensive services for qualified customers, a variety of youth services to support both in-school youth needing summer employment & career guidance and out of school youth preparing to enter the workforce.  JCETP staff works together with various social service agencies to assist customers securing employment.

In addition, we have a Reentry Program, providing employment assistance and other support to individuals who have been previously incarcerated.  Our program has achieved a job attainment rate of 60% and has been recognized by the National Institute of Justice “as being at the forefront of the reentry field.”