California Association of Public Administrators/Public Guardians/Public Conservators

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About Us

The California Association of Public Administrators, Public Guardians, and Public Conservators is a non-profit association representing the Public Administrators, Guardians and Conservators from each of California's 58 counties. The Association's mission is to foster communication between counties, provide education and certification to its members, and provide legislative advocacy on behalf of individuals served by these programs.

To accomplish this mission, the Association:
  • Develops and supports an education and training program that provides professional levels of competency for Public Administrators, Guardians and Conservators and certifies those who have successfully completed the education and training requirements;
  • Advocates for policies that will further the mission of the organization;
  • Implements the development of support and interaction between the offices of Public Administrators, Public Guardians and Public Conservators in the State of California.