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49th Street
New York

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About Us

The Angle Project is a NYC based theatrical production company and a performance art initiative that helps imagine, embody, and materialize possibilities for displaced and multicultural communities.


The Angle Project’s artistic mission is to create theatre that will lead to the discovery of the human quality in all people and reveal the human soul of the same value in every human being.

The Angle Project’s social mission is to employ theatre to build, integrate, and strengthen communities that have lost their native environment and that now find themselves in a foreign social, cultural, political, and/or geographical context. We help our participants develop capacity to access biological, environmental, cultural, and social resources that are available to them and encourage them to develop more sustainable ecosystems that foster a meaningful and satisfying experience of life.


The Angle Project uses an asset-based, participant centered approach to assist communities in further understanding their own potential and utilize the strengths and skills of their peers through the theater-making experience.

By utilizing a humanizing, problem-posing, and asset-based approach we establish horizontal relationships with workshop participants and wider communities and audiences to facilitate critical and reflective dialogue, discover latent potential within the community and identify its new allies, resources, and strategies for development.

TAP workshops offer opportunities for participants to recreate, relive, and (re)imagine past and hypothetical circumstances and situations to view them from various angles, understand them comprehensively and be able to reflect on them critically. By using role play, devised theatre, games, and interactive theatre activities, TAP helps participants build performance art skills and gives them tools to express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and tell stories in artistic, metaphorical, and, therefore, safe ways. Ultimately, TAP encourages the participants to create new and inspiring life narratives that will help them take positive and productive action to improve their lives and environments around them, while engaging with wider communities in the process.

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