The Center for Environmental Transformation

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1729 Ferry Ave.
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About Us

Although founded out of a faith community, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, CFET directs its efforts to all people, particularly those who live in the neighborhood of Waterfront South and the City of Camden, NJ. We seek to educate people into a more environmentally responsible way of living on our planet. Equally important, we seek to engage in sustainable modes of food production, storm water management, and waste recycling for the benefit of the people of our neighborhood and the residents of the entire city.

In partnership with our neighbors, CFET strives to sponsor local solutions to environmental challenges. In their own right these local solutions attempt to meet the need for a sustainable and healthy source of fresh produce for the children and adults of Waterfront South. By welcoming others into this neighborhood, we hope to make Waterfront South a “seed bed” for the work of transformation that the current situation of the environment, all over the globe, demands. We are creating space in which people of all traditions and cultures can gather to reflect on their environmental responsibility and learn through hands-on activity.

We intend to become for the people of Camden, as well as for those from throughout the region, an educational resource directed toward the transformation of our ways of walking on the earth – a transformation not only focused on changing behaviors, but more importantly, on changing our hearts and our attitudes, which will make more likely the permanence of our behavior changes. We invite all who are willing and able, to join us in this work of treading more lightly on the earth and its resources.