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About Us

We Can Ride, Inc provides therapeutic horseback riding and carriage driving to people living with disabilities.

Therapeutic horseback riding, carriage driving and hippotherapy have a number of documented benefits for clients. These include increased balance, enhanced muscle strength and flexibility, and improved attention span, self-control and concentration. Clients receive these benefits in a non-medicalized setting through interacting with each other and with diverse groups of volunteers and instructors.

As well as being an integral part of our therapies, the horses we use in our programs are well cared for, beloved by our clients, staff and volunteers and are given the opportunity to live a life of great purpose for the remainder of their working days.

Our volunteers also experience life-changing rewards. As they walk patiently around the rings guiding the horses and supporting clients, they exercise (three hours at a time!), form life-long relationships, and create a very special community.