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About Us

SOAR is a nonprofit that empowers the education community to track and support student development and prepare them for life inside and outside the classroom.  The concept for SOAR began with a 4th grade Baltimore City student named Angel. Angel had unbelievable potential, reading and performing math at a 7th grade level. This potential, when unnourished, is lost for many students as they move up their grade levels. It is a problem that Angel's abilities, achievements, and needs are not growing beyond the limits of her classroom.   

Angel represents students at every development level that do not have access to the at-home learning materials and student-focused experiences that are proven to accelerate achievements and results. Baltimore, along with other urban cities around the world, has a whole generation of scholars who deserve to have their stories told and their dreams supported. If Angel was able to digitally share her academic interests and needs with a broader network and be empowered with more control over her development, she could receive more support that would accelerate her academic achievements and goals.    

SOAR exists to provide generations of children with that support.  SOAR is a student-centered platform that lets students engage with teachers in maintaining records of their schoolwork, creating exemplar portfolios to showcase their achievements, and requesting crowd and corporate funding to support their passions.