R.I.S.E. Worldwide

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8 Jarves Street
United States

About Us

Our Mission

R.I.S.E. Worldwide is a non-profit which focuses on youth and community development. Our mission is to be a catalyst to education, entrepreneurship and generational change within insolvent communities. We develop innovative, mobile community centers which put youth at the epicenter of creating positive change within their own community.

Our Vision

A world where youth become leaders today - not tomorrow - and realize the potential they have to not only change themselves but the world.

Our Work

We design innovative mobile community centers that use retrofitted buses creating vibrant places for ideas to flourish. The windows of the bus act as whiteboards and idea mapping suites, which help youth to conceptualize everything from community issues to solutions. The inside is filled with desks and collaboration areas. Solar panels cover the roof of our mobile centers, which power multiple laptops and other electronics, allowing the sharing of ideas to be free flowing. Once the center stops within a community, we use the outside of the bus as teaching stations where anyone from the community can become a teacher. When we enter a community staff begins by partnering with local schools and educating children, teachers & parents about our program. Our staff works with 100+ youth in each community to identify issues and implement projects that impact at least 2,000 other lives. Our program focuses on having entire communities come together to support their youngest constituents.