Funders Together to End Homelessness

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About Us

Our Mission

Expand philanthropy’s impact and influence to advance the movement to prevent and end homelessness.


Our Work

Funders Together to End Homelessness is the only philanthropic membership organization devoted to ending homelessness in the United States. We provide critical resources and learning and networking opportunities to our members to increase their knowledge, capacity, and effectiveness in both the individual and collective work to prevent and end homelessness. Funders Together acts as a vehicle for members to be part of a broader movement and bring greater financial and intellectual resources to the work to end homelessness.

Our work brings philanthropy together around best practices and innovation to ensure investments are maximized as funders in communities around the United States work towards solutions to prevent and end homelessness.

Funders Together to End Homelessness:

  • Encourages and supports our members in risk taking and learning faster together.
  • Inspires by connecting members doing critical work across the United States to each other as well as members with a local focus to national efforts.
  • Highlights available opportunities for funders to be part of policy change and bring the collective philanthropy voice to advocacy at both the local and national level.
  • Provides tailored learning that allows philanthropy to consider the role in best practices and emerging topics around preventing and ending homelessness. 

We believe:

  • Moving people into permanent housing through proven best practices is critical to ensuring homelessness is rare, brief, and one-time.
  • It is essential that philanthropy work in a public-private partnership model identifying where funds can be leveraged, help to fill gaps, and spur innovation.
  • In order to effect lasting change, it is critical for communities to take a systems change approach to the work of preventing and ending homelessness.
  • Recognizing policy change and prioritizing public resources is critical to our work and we believe funders should engage in and fund advocacy efforts at the local and national level. 
  • Racial and other inequities contribute to homelessness and housing insecurity, therefore, it is critical philanthropy work with partners to address structural inequalities.
  • In a grantee-centered approach and embedding lived experience in all aspects of our members’ work to prevent and end homelessness.
  • In embedding the voices of people with lived experience in all aspects of our members’ work to prevent and end homelessness.