Yogi Beans

  • NY


1018 Lexington Avenue
2nd Floor
New York
United States

About Us

Yogi Beans is an educational, energetic, and transformative yoga–for–kids program. We are based out of our spacious kids-only yoga studio on the Upper East Side. Yogi Beans has various partnerships with public schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the city, and participates in free community activities related to kids' yoga.

Our classes develop children's abilities to focus (attention), stand up straight (posture), move their limbs with control (coordination) and grace (flexibility), and find inner strength (self–confidence). The Yogi Beans curriculum is specifically designed to introduce kids to the foundations of yoga and translate yogic concepts into a language children comprehend and appreciate. Classes provide children with a peaceful respite from their busy city schedules and long school days. The Yogi Beans program is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a healthy lifelong activity that is noncompetitive, non–judgmental, physically challenging and a ton of fun.