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About Us

This group is for all those interested in promoting both cultural rights and international understanding through the eventual adoption of a universal or international auxiliary language. The group is not beholden to any of the many potential candidates for such a language, whether it be English, Esperanto, Mandarin, Spanish, Ido, Volapük, Hopi, or any other possibility - nor does it necessarily endorse a particular script/writing system. This is not, therefore, a venue for hashing out the pros and cons of any particular grammatical feature, or pushing any particular language proposal (be it a constructed or a natural language). Instead, it is a platform for discussing, in a spirit of open, respectful, and unbiased exchange, the principle and the implications of an international auxiliary language - i.e. such questions as the risks and rewards of such a language, the process of promoting its eventual adoption, the creation of organizations in support of its advancement, etc.