Jobs for America’s Graduates—District of Columbia, Inc. (JAG-DC)

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About Us

Jobs for America’s Graduates—District of Columbia, Inc. (JAG-DC) is a private, not for profit organization, governed by an independent board of directors, launched expressly to reconnect students to lifelong learning and classrooms so they graduate successfully into careers and/or further education or training. Specifically, through individual Specialists in the classroom, JAG-DC serves students who are at-risk of not realizing their potential in middle schools, high schools and STAY schools throughout the District of Columbia public school system.

JAG-DC officially was launched on August 1, 2006; however, it is one of thirty affiliate organizations throughout the United States that form a network which was founded by former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont in 1980. The JAG Model delivers unique services through four program applications: (1) School-to-Career Program (Seniors only); (2) Dropout Prevention Program (Grades 9-11); (3) Dropout Recovery (Out-of-school only); and (4) Project Reach (Grades 7 and 8).


Helps high school seniors transition from high school to the world of work and/or postsecondary training, education or the military. The curriculum emphasizes leadership, teamwork, career exploration and employability competencies with the ultimate goal of graduation. It includes twelve months of follow-up support immediately following graduation.

Dropout Prevention:

This multi-year program stresses dropout prevention, decision making, leadership, self-development and specific life skills for students in grades 9-11, with greater emphasis on career development and job-related issues each successive year.

Dropout Recovery:

Helps young people ages 15-21 to fully transition back into a high school setting, complete the requirements for either a high school diploma or a GED certificate and obtain an entry-level job leading to a career and/or pursue postsecondary education or training.

Project Reach:

An intervention and transition program for 7th and 8th graders with 9th grade follow-up support. Reach encourages students to remain in school and confront the realities of how their school involvement and decision making affects their future success.

JAG’s comprehensive, model services include:

Classroom Instruction Advice and Support Student-Led Leadership Development Adult Mentoring Linkages to School and Community- Based Services Accountability System Employment Skills Professional Development 12-Month Follow-up Services Summer Employment Training Job and Postsecondary Education Placement Services Cost-Effective Programming Motivation as a Key to Achieving Success