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About Us

At RoleModels University: 

Our vision

Is to see youth become productive members of the community, responsible and caring parents, and competent and self-sufficient global market-place participants who have the tools, motivation, education, and inspiration to excel and become leaders in the world.


Our mission

Build a collaboration of community stakeholders who will partner with our efforts for the reduction of educational and socioeconomic inequities. 


Our goal

To help youth to stay in school, build leaders and break generational cycles of poor money habits.

We are a Nonprofit 501C3, directed at elementary school through high school youth focused on leadership development and financial intelligence. We are embracing a challenging curriculum with a passion and a desire to see all children regardless of their personal circumstance, succeed and thrive to be global thinkers and strong leaders.

There are alarming statistics concerning drop-out rates in Charlotte. These students are more likely to hit the poverty line or go to jail, rather than, become successful accomplished adults with a contribution to society. With current budget cuts looming in our area school districts and more and more teacher lay-offs our youth are at a critical time in history. However we believe there is hope. 

As a nonprofit, our chief volunteer needs are as follows:

  1. Volunteer Recruiter: An experienced recruiter that can attract and manage volunteers 
<blockquote>2. Fundraising: Individuals who can serve as fundraising volunteers within our various fundraising campaigns such as: concessions, food events, storefront solicitations, Krispy Kreme doughnut sales etc.</blockquote><blockquote>o   Weekend Workshops:  Serve as a weekend financial literacy/character development teacher, weekend teen shark tank/teen debate judge at our youth workshops</blockquote><blockquote>
</blockquote><blockquote>If you have an interest to volunteer in any of these positions; </blockquote><blockquote>
</blockquote><blockquote>1. Visit our, complete and submit an online volunteer application.  </blockquote><blockquote>2.  Contact: Contact me directly by phone or email. Thank you. </blockquote>

Jerry Boyce Jr., Director (980)322-6040 email: