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About Us

Help Provide Free Healthcare for Those In Need

The goal of the Oxford Free Clinic is to enable poor residents to follow their prescribed course of treatment, enabling those with chronic illness to stabilize and improve their health, resulting in less need for urgent care and costly procedures later. We provide free access to family physician, medication, and medical procedures.

The Oxford College-Corner Clinic is named so because of its targeted approach to providing healthcare to poor rural residents, in both the towns of Oxford and College Corner in southwest Ohio.

However, from its original scope (to allow local residents in need to receive free basic medical care, especially targeted to reach those with chronic illnesses and significant medication costs) the clinic grew to be the Oxford Free Clinic, covering 31 townships and 5 counties.

We provide free doctor's visits with a primary care physician through a walk-in Clinic offered on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of each month. In addition, we offer a Women's Health Program, where gynecologists offer annual exams, mammograms, and diagnostic testing related to women's health.

Beyond the 3 free clinics each month, we also help patients receive consistent medications and follow-up testing and care to ensure that they can follow their prescribed course of treatment.

Not only is such charity the right thing to do, it also makes fiscal sense. By providing those in need with free doctor’s visits, we allow residents to stay healthy and avoid the costly procedures often required when basic medical care is neglected. In addition, by providing residents with a Free Clinic, they can avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room, which cost the hospital, the taxpayer, and those with insurance exorbitant expenses. Helping improve the health of those in need, and decreasing the amount of public assistance required for such healthcare is the vision of the Oxford Free Clinic.

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