Citizens For Affordable Legal Aid Corp

  • GA

About Us

Citizens for Affordable Legal Aid Corp. is a non-profit organization that has been formed to help individuals and families achieve their goals academically, socially and economically.

Formed in 2014, our goal is to help as many people reach their success goal in life. That goal can be living the American dream, getting a new start in life, increasing their skills, or preparing their life so that they can be a success amongst themselves and in the community.

Today, as a leading service provider for the community, Citizens for Affordable Legal Aid offers a range of programs that will allow individuals to get solutions to address their basic needs and provide them with the information and skills necessary to achieve their fullest potential. We aim to increase stability, build skills, promote development of families, individuals and youth, and continue promoting community involvement.

Our mission is to provide a platform for community education in social skills, and employment services fueled by self fortitude and desire.  We’ve expanded our mission to provide free and low cost workshops, seminars, and informative sessions to answer all questions about Divorce, Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Entrepreneurship, Employment Skills, Immigration, Child Support, Guardianship, Custody and Computer Skills, HIV, STD’s, and Communicable Diseases.  We are currently working to provide tutelage to foster immigrants and citizens with necessary skills and trades required to work and/or possibly become an entrepreneur in the U.S.

Our role as a community educator on issues affecting the people we serve, can nurture increased volunteerism and renew community support across partisan lines.  In order to spread the word of our altruistic vision for embedding hope in the lives of our clients, we are seeking passionate organizers and donators who can go out in the community and engage others on our mission statement and resourceful opportunities for all. Help us increase the vitality of life for those affected by tumultuous hardships or lack of resources in our community