New England Center and Home for Veterans

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17 Court Street
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About Us

The New England Center and Home for Veterans is a non-profit organization that empowers veterans in need with the tools to achieve independent living. Headquartered in downtown Boston, the Center has served over 13,000 homeless veterans since its inception in 1989. The Center's service philosophy is based on the themes of sobriety, structure, and employment, with the proposed outcomes focused on obtaining employment and accessing permanent housing.

Founded in 1989, the New England Center for Homeless Veterans is the first and largest veteran specific homeless shelter in the United States. It offers a nationally recognized program of specialized, continuous care to veterans who are homeless, yet committed towards moving to self-sufficiency and independent living.

Over the past 15 years, the Center has developed into a nationally recognized organization that serves as a model for other veterans' organizations developing similar programs and interventions. Many of its activities are created and delivered by veterans for veterans within a philosophical framework of sobriety, structure, and employment. All programs are focused on assisting veterans to obtain employment and permanent housing. Based on this proven model of peer support, the Center has assisted countless veterans in getting back on their feet as contributing members of society.