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About Us

TriState Volunteers Serving The Communities of Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

MEETINGS: TSV Meets on the second Monday of every month around the tri-state area. For information on our next meeting call Toll Free Phone: 1-(866)633-0429

By being involved with the TriState Volunteers, you will experience continuity. A continuity of Service, Leadership and Friendship. You will meet with the group as a whole and on committees with regularity. You will learn the rewards our service brings, gain experience in leadership on committees, during events and foster new friendships.

TriState Volunteers (TSV) is dedicated to the active participation in and support of projects that help maintain and enhance the vitality of communities throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana areas. We are a non-political self-supporting organization.

Membership Profile Being a member of TSV means that you will have opportunities to present your community's needs for volunteers to help with its projects, needs and charities. As an organization we will discuss these needs and vote as a group. We will find what means the most to us and our communities so that we can best allocate our resources.

Where needed, we will form committees to assist in organizing upcoming events. With your participation, we form a powerful force to serve our city and our communities!

----------------- MEETINGS: TSV Meets at 6:15pm on the second Monday of each month around the tri-state area. For information on our next meeting call Toll Free 1-(866)633-0429