Casa Maria

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About Us

Casa Maria is part of the Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in the 1930s and is committed to working for peace and justice on many fronts. Peter Maurin put out the call for a “Green Revolution” consisting of round-table discussions, houses of hospitality, and farming communes. Casa Maria is a House of Hospitality in the Catholic Worker tradition and has been operating in Milwaukee since 1966. In recent years, we have felt called to expand other aspects of Peter’s “Green Revolution” by engaging in urban gardening projects. We currently attempt to live out Peter’s vision by sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, organizing demonstrations and attempting to provide alternatives to subsistence strategies which are dependent on corporations. We live in community and operate our House of Hospitality and Urban Gardening efforts using the consensus decision making process and in the tradition of the Catholic Worker Movement we have no board of directors, no endowment, no pay check, no pension plan, and resist federal tax-exempt status. We are a community of individuals of many different traditions and accept volunteers of any race, religion, orientation, or nationality.

We welcome volunteers who feel called to share their skills and passions with our community. We especially welcome anyone interested in assisting with crafts, gardening, household maintentance, or cooking.