"Asociación de Desarollo VIDA Dueñas"

San Miguel Dueñas, SA, Guatemala |
Joined in August 2014

About Us

Our goal is to create strategies that give solutions to daily problems and fight against obstacles in the way of real development of the vulnerble groups in our community. In the past, San Miguel Dueñas has never had equal opportunities or social, educational and laboral inclusion, or the space to grow and develop.

Our duty is to support hundreds of people who have the skills but not the opportunity or the space to develop their own abilities and have a dignified life.

Our first Proposal:

“Love Syndrome” it’s an integral development program, designed for people with developmental disabilities, which focuses in specific areas to aide true inclusion in society. This program has been working for over two years, and supports over 20 kids with developmental disabilities, and 25 children at risks, offering different kinds of services for them.

School inclusion! The program offers education workshops Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. It also provides scholarships and educational materials for every child and the proper environment to learn.

Our project has various essential bases in the integral development for people with developmental disabilities.

Firstly, we try to understand the causes that change the physical and intellectual development of the children. This is done through understanding their special education needs and then building an individual program for them.

Secondly, through discovering each individuals special skills and incorporating them into their education, we fulfill our mission of creating a social conscience in how to treat people with “DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES”.

Finally, we seek out and support more people with these kinds of needs to and promote “EDUCATION FOR EVERY ONE.

The project covers most of the costs of these services. Our love program assists 70% of our regions population of people with developmental disabilities; we offer not only education but also other services like:

physical therapy

psychological therapy

speech therapy

Nutritional plan:

The nutritional plan was introduced with the help of some universities and other educational institutions that, in return for talks about the plan, donate food gifts. This plan was started a year and a half ago and provides 40 meals on a daily basis.

Vitamins plan:

After an individual medical check and diagnosis, we provide vitamins to help with mental and physical development.

In Summary, our “Love Program” is:

Social, educational, and labor inclusion of young men and woman with development disabilities.

  • Making changes both in the community, and the homes of individuals, not just in school
  • Providing a real solution to help those with developmental disabilities in the community.

2nd. Proposal:

Recycleart” is a simple and dynamical plan with an important mission to provide a “Hand to our Environment”. This is what we do:

No.1. A handicraft work art room has been open for one and a half years making handicraft pieces from human waste like arm chairs from tires, washbasins, lamps and other things, teaching the people of our community how to reuse.

No.2. A “Recycleart” Museum is constantly changing as the things we make are sold to keep the project self-sustainable. This program contributes to the environment and the community and our long-term plan is to allow the kids to develop new ways of recycling to support social problems in the community.

One of the ways we support the program is by asking them to create things for our own project, helping by providing jobs for the association, allowing them their space to create

3rd. Proposal:

"We need children, teenagers and young adults to build peace"

With this idea, a new youth project was born that is called “Colectivo Vida”, which is like a youth collective. This program offers services for the youth in our community with cultural progression, the mental and physical health through sharing an environment of NO VIOLENCE. This program involves youngters in debates, forums, discussions about social consciousness; encouraging them to become promoters of change and agents of peace.

Break dance:

The break dancing program was founded by a group of youngsters from our community who then named it “VIDA CREW”. The program is from Monday to Friday, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and it allows them to train in this discipline, having a proper and safe place, with the things they need for practice this art and sport distraction.


Promoting the mental and physical health in our community and definitely promoting the peace, the school boxing club works from Monday to Friday, 6:30 to 8:30 am and the karate school 6:00 to 8:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday.

Association “VIDA” is an initiative to make change and help the community understand and act with social conscience. We have so many plans that we would like to implement. Today we support more than 70 families within this region; we are an association with little resources but lots of staff with the desire to make a difference.

The association works because we are a team of professionals offering our time and passion to help this community. But, we are more than that; we are a family. The team with the local and foreign volunteers, together are determined to offer opportunities to this community.

Our goal is to create strategies that give solutions to daily problems and fight against obstacles in the way of real development of the vulnerble groups in our community. In the past, San Miguel Dueñas has never had equal opportunities or…

Issue Areas Include

  • Arts & Music
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Family
  • Health & Medicine


  • 3ra. Avenida 2-68 Zona 1, San Miguel Dueñas, SA 03013, Guatemala

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