Redeem and Restore Center

  • WI


PO box 342
United States

About Us

Redeem and Restore Center exists to love, restore and support women and girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.

Awareness leads to Prevention, Intervention and Restoration.

Prevention We will be proactive at protecting more women and children from becoming victims through awareness events and presentations. No person deserves to be trafficked and without freedom.

Intervention. Through networking with other organizations, we can work to rescue and provide the best possible care to those we serve.

Restoration. We are seeking to acquire a few acres of land and a multi-bedroom home in SE Wisconsin to become the location of Redeem and Restore Center. We will provide a safe home, food, clothing, bible devotions, and individual and group counseling. We plan on using gardening, horse therapy, art therapy and other rehabilitative services to help them begin a new life of freedom. We also plan to coordinate any needed educational or vocational training, medical care, and legal assistance. We hope for their complete freedom to be found through Christ, by loving them unconditionally, being present and keeping healthy boundaries.