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About Us

Global Justice mobilizes a powerful movement of students and young people in the U.S., in partnership with youth internationally, to promote solutions to the world's most pressing social problems. We produce an immediate impact by promoting policies that strengthen global communities, and long-term change by empowering young people to become global justice activists for life. We achieve these goals through student owned and led campaigns, leadership development, advocacy, and education. We currently have four campaigns: The Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) is a national movement with more than 85 chapters at high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States committed to bringing an end to HIV and AIDS in the U.S. and around the world through education, informed advocacy, media work, and direct action. The Student Campaign for Child Survival (SCCS) mobilizes students to educate, organize and advocate around the issue of children's health worldwide. Over 10 million children die each year from easily preventable and treatable diseases. We are the only grassroots movement of college students lobbying on behalf of these children. The Student Trade Justice Campaign (STJC) is a national network of students engaging our campuses and communities through education and informed advocacy, committed to achieving responsible, sustainable and equitable trade. STJC fights Free Trade Agreements, corporate activity, and other issues that violate human rights and cripple the ability of developing countries to engage in real development. United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) is a national network of student organizations advocating around Fair Trade products, policies, and principles. The core objective of USFT is to raise the awareness of and expand the demand for Fair Trade alternatives, both on campuses and in communities. Through this process, we redefine relationships between producer and consumer, and engage in the ongoing struggle to build people's power in the face of corporate-driven globalization.