The Star and Shadow Cinema

  • England


Warwick Street
United Kingdom

About Us

The Star and Shadow Cinema is more than a cinema. It is an alternative social, cultural, arts and community hub run by a collective of volunteers.

It operates a unique system of open programming whereby grass roots community organisations, independent artists and any member of the public can come and promote their own social causes via film, music, discussions and working groups. We provide the space and facilities for this to happen and have done for the last 10 years.

We recently had to move out of our old rented premises in Stepney Bank, Ouseburn to Warwick Street. We are currently closed to the programming of events and community groups and instead our focus as a collective is currently on our exciting self-build refurbishment project.

We are refurbishing the new place by as much volunteer labour as possible. Whatever your skill-level we hope you'll come along and help out.

We've got protective clothing galore, refreshments by the gallon and a massive skip that needs filling.

If you'd rather support us in other ways we need a vegetarian communal meal cooked every Saturday. Or bake us a cake !! 

To keep up to date with volunteering opportunities make sure you sign up to

See photos of us working here.