Nostrand Park

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About Us

Nostrand Park is an awarding winning organization, best known for its innovative, new community development model - “virtual placemaking”. Boasting one of the most popular Central Brooklyn websites around, NP utilizes a full spectrum of new media tools to promote the art, culture, and businesses of the vibrant neighborhood of Crown Heights.

Crown Heights is experiencing a renaissance. And our mission is to see this culturally rich neighborhood regarded as a premier NYC destination.

The impact of our work in only 18 months has been dramatic - we have published over 700 articles about local entrepreneurs, mom and pops, events, artists and community organizations; many of our articles have cited by large media outlets such as NY Times and Brownstoner; our readership has soared to 50,000 per year; we were accepted into the Fund for the City of New York’s esteemed non-profit incubator program, we've been awarded two prestigious grants from DesigNYC and the mayor’s Dept. of Small Business Services; and ultimately we have created a highly influential yet accessible outlet for local residents, organizations and businesses (that might not otherwise have the necessary time or funds) to promote themselves to a world-wide audience.