Covenant Preparatory School

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135 Broad Street
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About Us

Covenant Preparatory School is an independent, tuition-free middle school for boys from under-served families in the City of Hartford. The school provides a challenging and supportive learning environment, where motivated students of all faiths are offered an intellectual, cultural, physical and moral education.

The goal at Covenant Prep is to graduate young men who are academically prepared for further education, inspired to lead their lives with humility, and dedicated to serving others. As such, it is designed to address Hartford’s educational crisis, one boy at a time, in a small school setting.

Each student is carefully selected based on an admissions test, an interview, transcripts of grades and teacher recommendations. All of these criteria being equal, preference is given to the most financially challenged applicants.

Critical to the success of Covenant Prep is the willingness of the parents or guardians of students to sign a covenant indicating their commitment to the mission of the school and to high academic and personal standards. Parents or guardians are required to volunteer their time, energy, talent and skill to the School, and such involvement in their children’s education is a condition of continuing enrollment at Covenant Prep.

Also critical to the success of the school are the volunteer faculty and staff, which include both recent college graduates and older, more experienced teachers who serve as mentors for their younger colleagues. The faculty and staff teach small classes, tutor individuals, coach teams and guide the growth and development of students by example. As such, they possess a strong faith in the mission of the school and a selfless dedication to the aspirations of its students and their families.

The School is led by a Board of Directors comprising local business and community leaders. Covenant Prep is funded by private donations.