Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami

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3800 NW 22nd Avenue
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About Us

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami is a non-profit organization with a mission of building  homes and communities in partnership with low-income families within Greater Miami.

Our tasks are twofold: 1) To provide home ownership opportunities to low-income families in all of Miami's communities of need by building and renovating modest homes with family partners and providing them with interest-free loans for the purchase of these homes and 2) To provide opportunities to all people of conscience to volunteer and to otherwise support the building of homes and communities in partnership with low-income families.


- To provide low income families with the opportunity of realizing the dream of home-ownership.

- To assist in revitalizing communities by placing good families in neighborhoods. 

- To build bridges among all economic and ethnic segments of our community by establishing new relationships, a sense of community, and a renewed commitment to "the common good."

- To welcome participation from all individuals, groups, or organizations who desire to join with Miami Habitat because of their shared concern and compassion for those in need.

- To be a financially responsible non-profit ministry that raises money from those who share our vision and to spend the money raised with integrity, community accountability, and for the specific purpose intended by the donors.

- To select families for home ownership based on their need, willingness to be a full partner in the Habitat program, and ability to repay the interest-free loan in support of the Habitat ministry. Selection will be made without consideration of race or creed.

- To maintain a mutually beneficial nurturing friendship with each family by ongoing contact and instruction in the areas of budgeting, financial planning, home maintenance, etc.