Touchstone Community School

  • MA


54 Leland Street
United States

About Us


We envision a world of life-long learners, participating in communities in which each member cares for the social, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of all in the community. 

Our Mission:
To cultivate a joy of lifelong learning through transformative intellectual, social & emotional growth.

Our Values:
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Authenticity
  • Knowing & Being Known
  • Eco-literacy
  • Joy & Play
A Touchstone graduate:
  • Thinks critically and thoughtfully
  • Is a playful and creative problem solver
  • Has an internal drive to learn, to care, and to grow
  • Appreciates, understands, and respects differences
  • Has developed a sense of “I am someone” to advocate for themselves and others
  • Has the strength of character to make affirming choices for the rest of their lives
  • Carries the skills and vision for helping to create inclusive, authentic, safe communities
  • Understands the relationship between physical and emotional well-being
  • Sustains an understanding of the interconnectedness of people and the environment
  • Knows how to grow their own food