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About Us

Save America’s Forests is a nationwide campaign working to pass legislation in the U.S. Congress, the Act to Save America's Forests, that will end clearcutting and destruction of Ancient Forests on our public lands. The Act will protect and restore America’s last wild and natural forests throughout our national forest system. The Act is already supported by 1/4 of the US Congress, and many of the world's leading scientists, including Drs. E.O. Wilson, Jane Goodall, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Of the 1 billion acres of original forests that once towered over America, only five percent now remain.

We are leading a campaign with international scientists and NGOs to save the most biodiverse forest in the world, Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yasuni's unmatched biodiversity is facing irreparable harm from oil production by international oil companies. We are working with the indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Yasuni rainforest, the world famous Huaorani, to protect their virgin rainforest from despoliation by oil companies and to protect their human, economic and environmental rights.