The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation

  • NY


111 Hudson St 3B
New York

United States

About Us

We are a non profit organization with the mission to cultivate a community of creative people in support of art and artists around and through the original art works of Claire Eleanor Fergusson and Jan Binney Lang.

The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation supports the development of artists through educational projects and grants to practicing artists. The Foundation assists artists in the use of 21st century technologies to archive their art for future generations to be able to see, explore, learn and enjoy through art. The Foundation also hosts cultural events to exhibit art and cultivate community around art.

The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation's mission is based on the shared belief of Claire Fergusson and Jan Lang that creative expression - painting, sculpture, performance art, conceptual art, writing, photography, martial arts, filmmaking and music - invites people to think for themselves and to think outside the box, much needed qualities at this time in our evolution.