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About Us

Discovery Learning Alliance is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization using the power of media to transform education and improve lives in under-resourced schools and communities around the world. Launched by Discovery Communications in 1997, we are opening new doors to learning in 16 countries reaching millions through schools and millions more through broadcast television and mass media initiatives in the developing world. Leveraging Discovery’s world-class programming and education expertise, Discovery Learning Alliance extends Discovery Communications’ mission – to help people explore their world and satisfy their curiosity.

School-based interventions increase student learning, teacher effectiveness and the community access to information and involvement in local schools. Programming is developed through a collaborative process that combines the contributions of expertise and high-quality media from Discovery Communications with the needs of educators in countries where Discovery Learning Alliance is active. Extensive teacher training and capacity building ensure that the value of educational media is maximized as a tool for teaching and learning.

Discovery Learning Alliance reaches students and teachers by establishing “Learning Centers” in existing schools providing…

  • Sustainable technology: a TV and DVD player or other sustainable technologies.
  • Extensive teacher training: based on teachers’ professional development needs and covering a range of material including 21st century teaching skills, leadership and sustainability, student centered learning, gender responsive pedagogy, parent engagement in education, and media as an educational tool.
  • Discovery Learning Alliance’s award-winning videos: produced in collaboration with local educators, customized into the language of instruction and mapped to the local curriculum.

Discovery Learning Alliance reaches into local communities through further training and community action plans. Schools then become centers for learning and a catalyst for addressing important community issues including HIV/AIDS, girls’ education, malnutrition and the environment.

Discovery Learning Alliance reaches tens of millions through mass media initiatives addressing critical education, development and health issues. INSIDE STORY, a feature “edutainment” film about the science of HIV/AIDS has become one of the most widely distributed African films ever.

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