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About Us

Heroes’ Voices is a not for profit organization that creates opportunities for Veterans to raise their voices together in song. Heroes’ Voices will create a range of vocal performance ensembles in communities across America, serving Veterans that wish to create an extraordinary musical experience with fellow Veterans. Heroes’ Voices will also reach out to existing musical organizations across the country, encouraging, coordinating and supporting ways that they can serve the Veterans who join their ensembles.

Members of the armed services understand better than anyone the extraordinary value of working together as a team. It is also a well-established medical fact that making and listening to music has extraordinary healing power. Returning Veterans often feel disengaged from their community, particularly if they suffer from residual emotional and or physical obstacles adjusting back to civilian life. Creating high level musical ensemble performances is an empowering experience for everyone involved, and builds a sense of connection and pride. In addition, Heroes’ Voices ensembles will be supported in doing outreach performances, sharing the healing power of music within their communities.

Those who have served our country come from many walks of life, and they relate to a broad range of musical genres. Heroes’ Voices will gather top professionals in the field of music to assist in creating new musical ensembles, and interface with existing ensembles that perform Country, Classical, Glee Choirs, Hip Hop, Doo Wop and other a cappella ensembles, Gospel and Latin Music. Heroes’ Voices will also work to support organizations dedicated to providing and researching music therapies, that specifically serve Veterans with a range of combat related health issues.

To identify strategies for best serving the broadest range of Veterans, Heroes’ Voices will interface with the Veterans Administration, all branches of the Armed Forces as well as existing civilian Veteran’s support organizations. Heroes’ Voices will create a network of ensembles where Veterans will be able to raise their voices in song with fellow Veterans, in whatever style of music that touches their heart and helps them feel that they are truly, at long last, home.