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About Us

WildFutures' Mission

WildFutures is dedicated to advancing the protection of large carnivores,

with special emphasis on mountain lions. We work with scientists and

wildlife agencies to understand and convey the important role that top

predators play in the landscape. Through the power of education, media, and

the best available science, we collaborate with other organizations to find

cost-effective ways to conserve carnivores and address negative perceptions

of them.

Founded in 1994, WildFutures is a project of Earth Island Institute. We

bridge the gap between science and conservation. We believe developing a

greater understanding and appreciation of mountain lions will not only

advance the protection of these animals but also promote safe co-existence

between people and wildlife.

Because of the complexity of issues facing wildlife, WildFutures also

offers capacity building programs to environmental and conservation groups,

to help build strong leaders and thriving organizations. By providing

essential tools, trainings, and resources for many groups, we have a ripple

effect reaching far beyond our immediate projects.