MujeresMundi, Women Affairs for Development

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About Us

MujeresMundi Women Affairs for Development ASBL is an association for the defence of human rights. Our mission is to strengthen the impact and influence of overseas human rights gender-related, activists in the EU capital, Brussels. We research women affairs specific subjects and propagate findings, projects and events, aiming at trying to achieve gender equality. We seek out to create a dynamic network of associations and activists worldwide.

MujeresMundi strongly believes that through linking activism and raising-up voices and efforts we can improve lives. Nowadays, it is not possible to talk about politics, health improvements, access to education and sustainable environment without talking about women affairs. The issue of women and their role within their communities are a valuable and non-forgettable subject when developing policies and programmes across governments. Within this framework, MujeresMundi's efforts seek to improve the access to human rights of communities where we have our network.