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About Us

The Mission of ETIV is to connect international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil. We are mainly focused on youth development and environmental conservation, with a deep focus on developing a new generation of local youth leaders who will actively care for each-other, their community and the environment. We have begun weekly English classes and environmental training with local children and youth, we offer 4 Literature Clubs for girls (LitClub) in four different neighborhoods of Itacare, and we are also working on our mangrove restoration project. In addition, we have begun community organizing with the local fishermen and are planning to begin a new Women´s Empowerment project this year.


ETIV do Brasil stands for Education through International Volunteering of Brazil. ETIV offers meaningful and affordable volunteer opportunities. Volunteers have the option to stay at our Volunteer House and add on Portuguese and/or Capoeira classes to your experience. We can also link volunteers to some of the incredible eco and adventure tours available in and around Itacaré. All of the profits gained from add-on experiences and volunteer contributions directly support the NGO and our local community projects.

Latest Listings

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