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About Us

We want everyone to benefit from the tools and technologies that have helped globalize our world. Modern-day slavery, human trafficking and the slave trade is also global and leaves no corner of the world untouched. Our fight against it should be just the same, globalized and leaving nothing behind.

Survivors Connect is a collaborative project to build global advocacy & support network of survivors and activists working to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Using art, new technologies and other social media, we empower and network people to build movements and responses to slavery.

Our mission is to empower survivors and activists, enhance the movement and network to build a globalized response to modern-day slavery and human trafficking using the power of technology.

We’re a global group of technology experts, researchers, activists, survivors and organizations working to develop a holistic understanding and response to modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Our team researches the latest tools in social networking, mobile and web technology and innovations in campaigns and uses them to strengthen anti-trafficking efforts, networks, build community resilience against slavery and improve our responses to combating slavery. With new, free and open source technologies emerging globally, we work together to find ways these can be used to reduce trafficking, support anti-trafficking efforts and empower survivors and activists to advocate.