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About Us

No Labels is a national movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents dedicated to a new politics of problem solving.

What is this new politics of problem solving exactly?

It’s about an attitude more than anything else.

It’s about a willingness to sit down with anyone – conservative, liberal or anyone in between – so long as they are willing to work with you to find solutions. And it’s about recognizing that having principled and deeply- held political beliefs doesn’t require an all-or-nothing approach to governance. In fact, this all or nothing attitude is a recipe for disaster, especially when there is divided government, as America has now and for the foreseeable future. Either our leaders will work together or they will get nothing done.

No Labels understands there are real philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans that can’t be papered over with nice words about civility. There are huge challenges to fostering cooperation across the aisle.

That’s why No Labels doesn’t expect anyone to shed their identity when they join our movement. No one has to check principles or priorities at the door. We welcome anyone, so long as they are open to the idea that people with different beliefs really can set aside the labels and work to find common ground. And we believe that common ground does exist if only our leaders are empowered to find it.

No Labels has a unique view on the root causes of dysfunction in our government and the required solutions.

Breaking gridlock is a preoccupation and priority of many reform organizations in D.C. and around the country. Often, these organizations are focused on bold systemic reform ideas to reduce the influence of hyper partisanship, like getting money out of politics or putting an end to congressional gerrymandering.

These are certainly worthy and important endeavors — but they are tough, multi-year, state-by-state slogs. These ideas may never come to fruition – or only come in time. But America can’t afford to wait for the prospect of uncertain reform at some uncertain point in the future.

We need solutions to our most pressing problems now, and we need buy-in from both Democrats and Republicans to find them.

That is what No Labels is focused on, and that is why we have kicked off an effort to create a National Strategic Agenda.