Mantua Cares

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About Us

Mantua Cares is an local chapter of the Adopt A Neighborhood Development (A.N.D.) Program whose mission is to foster the self development of the Mantua community while serving as an advocate for community leaders and their importance to society. Our members represent a variety of fields: education, technology, social services, government, citizen groups, and more. We look forward to helping maintain and advance the Mantua community through quality programming and strategic partnerships. Learn about our wide range of training, technical assistance, professional development, curriculum and community-based learning. Connect with publications, resources and staff to make our young people even more successful!

Development is not as much a matter of how much one has as it is of how much one can do with whatever one has. A developed person can produce a better quality of life with few resources than an undeveloped person can with many. Of course, at any level of development a higher quality of life can be produced with more rather than less resources.