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About Us

CropLife Foundation was created to promote and advance sustainable agriculture and the environmentally sound use of crop protection products and bioengineered agriculture. Our hope is that through sound science-based discovery, we will help global agriculture economically produce safe, high quality, abundant food, fiber, and other crops, thus ensuring food security and alleviating poverty, suffering, and hardship.

In furtherance of these goals, the Foundation operates in the following capacities: „X Conduct educational outreach programs; „X Promote product stewardship through certification and training programs; „X Assist in the provision of financial aid to individuals, educational institutions, trusts, funds, foundations or corporations whose purposes and aspirations are scientific, educational and charitable; „X Fund scientific research into modern agricultural practices and public health; „X Collect, correlate, evaluate and disseminate to the public generally the results of scientific and medical research activities;

Sustainable, environmentally sound, and economical agriculture is not merely a lofty goal. It is both an imperative and a possibility. By working with industry, farmers, private and public researchers, and educators, we will identify both the problems as well as the appropriate solutions.