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About Us

Spark MicroGrants

Spark MicroGrants ( is a young, rapidly scaling organization pioneering a new approach to international aid. Spark proactively reaches out to rural poor villages and helps community members to design, implement and manage their own social impact projects. Since July 2010 we have developed 134 community partnerships across Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi to Spark community-driven impact projects which have included schools, community farms, health clinics and much more.

Who we are

Spark team members are passionate about our vision to help create a world where everyone will live with dignity and define their own positive future. At Spark our values are what define us and shape the work that we do. While we do recognize that values can and do change over time, the following five values have stuck with us as core principles that guide everything we do and strive to be. We are:

1) Facilitators. We don’t impose; we enable others to generate impact.

2) Community-driven. We are motivated by what is best for the community.

3) Process-centered. The how of what we do is just as important as the what.

4) Authentic. Our vision and values live in everything we do.

5) Passionate. We are deeply committed to our work and love what we do!

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