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About Us

Sefaria is building the future of Torah: an open, living library of Jewish texts that will establish digital infrastructure for the future of Jewish study, education, and knowledge. We are putting the Jewish canon online—in Hebrew and translation—interconnected, free and in the public domain, while creating the platform for the future of Jewish commentary and publishing in the digital era.

In 2010, best-selling author Joshua Foer and former Google product manager Brett Lockspeiser created Sefaria in response to a unique problem and opportunity: The Jewish world was failing to take advantage of major technological developments that could yield unprecedented new opportunities for learning. Josh and Brett envisioned a tool that would offer beginners easy access to texts and commentaries, provide students and scholars resources to deepen their learning, supply educators materials to make teaching more efficient and lessons more interactive, and bolster the future of Jewish textual engagement.

At its core, Sefaria is about access. We’re the generation charged with shepherding the Torah online—bringing it from print to digital—in a way that can expand its reach and impact. Our goal is to lower the barriers of engagement with Jewish texts, create interactive opportunities for novel Jewish conversation and commentary, and provide educators, scholars, and technologists with an open source database of texts (with a free API) to make new educational applications simpler and more viable to develop.