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About Us

Our mission is to bring the highest quality news from hundreds of sources across the Internet to the public in one place on a daily basis.

We are a 21s-century journalistic non-profit bringing the public top quality stories, columns, editorials, photos, videos, audio, live chats and more.

Our site aims to be an important contributor in solving the problems facing our country and world by becoming the central resource on the Internet for intelligent, factual and accurate reporting.

Whereas almost all publications rely on a small under-trained staff to produce a small number of stories of inconsistent quality, The Daily Source chooses from all stories on the Internet. We present the public with high caliber information, news and analysis that has been chosen from over a thousand publications and is centralized in one site.

The information people read is at the heart of improving the world.

The site is designed to give the public the information they need to make solid decisions about what policies to support, to become more aware of key trends affecting the world, to find spiritual, recreational and cultural opportunities for themselves, to choose how to best spend their money, to learn about beneficial health news and more.

The Internet is fast becoming the leading place for people to get their news. Come be on the cutting edge of it with us.

P.S. Our email address listed on this site is designed to weed out spam bots which pick up publicly posted addresses. You can also email us at info at dailysource dot org or call us at 617-393-1997.