Globetrotting For Good

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About Us

"We're spreading goodwill around the world by helping people conveniently make meaningful contributions to charitable organizations at home and abroad, making philanthropy a way of life, and turning world travelers into world changers one small act of kindness at a time"

With help from caring people like you, we're building a global network designed to make it easier for international volunteers and travelers to contribute to existing aid programs in the countries they visit. By simplifying the means by which a traveler can donate time, money, supplies, skills, and manpower to communities in need; we hope to create a culture of giving back to the very people that make travel such a rewarding experience to begin with. You can play a vital role as a volunteer on your own or be part of a team on one of our awesome volunteer trips. Whether it's for one week or one year, we hope that the next time you're planning a trip you choose not to be just another tourist. Instead, we hope you will join us and become a Globetrotter For Good!

Don't Just See The World, Change It!!