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About Us


DIGDEEP defends your human right to water through access and education projects worldwide. http:digdeepwater.org/

Organization Overview

Currently, around 1 billion people lack access to a safe and sustainable source of clean water. Tied to health, society, economy and spirituality, water access is essential for safeguarding human dignity. DIGDEEP is committed to defending that dignity in the face of water poverty. That’s why we work to promote the right to water, ensuring durable access to clean resources, while at the same time protecting water rights through education and government activism. Efforts to dig wells, improve sanitation and advance hygiene are only made truly sustainable when water access is recognized as an inalienable human right. Yet so many fail to make the connection. By taking a Human Rights Based Approach to water charity, we remind those we’re working with - as well as those we’re working for – that our efforts are not driven by developmental differences, but by our common humanity.

In the end, DIGDEEP is a coalition of believers. We believe that all people, whatever their condition or location, have a right to the clean water they need to live with dignity.

If you believe, as we do, in promoting and protecting the rights of the human person, join us now.

Human thirst is finite. Our capacity to help others is anything but.


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