Agris Mundus Students and Alumni Association

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About Us

The Agris Mundus Students and Alumni Association reunites all students and alumni from the Agris Mundus double master program.

The Agris Mundus Masters course is a two-year training programme of 120 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) in agricutural development and management of natural resources.

The Agris Mundus Masters course objectives are to train students to cope with the current global/international concerns in agriculture and rural development. Graduates will be qualified to identify and critically analyse key factors shaping the development of crops, forests and animall production, the management of research and rural development projects and finally, the sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. They will be trained to formulate and provide effective and appropriate responses to complex agriculture and natural resources related issues.

As the result of the selection of the Agris Mundus Master course by the Erasmus Mundus programme, the European Commission provides a number of scholarships. In accordance with the rules of this programme, each of the training tracks involves one year (M1) in one institution, and one year (M2) in a second institution, the two of them being delivered in two different countries of the European Union (