Cordova Chamber of Commerce

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About Us

The Cordova Chamber works to promote Cordova, Alaska as a travel/tourism and meetings/conference destination through destination marketing and events.

Cordova, Alaska is a spectacularly beautiful community in rural Alaska with a year-round population of about 2100. Reached only by boat or plane, Cordova attracts visitors seeking an authentic Alaska experience in a commercial fishing community poised on the edge of wilderness between Prince William Sound and the Copper River. Surrounded by the Chugach National Forest, the town offers hiking trails and seasonal opportunities for kayaking, bird and wildlife viewing, sport fishing and skiing; and of course, a glimpse into our salmon way of life from traditional Alaska Native culture to scientific research and commercial fishing. The Copper River and Prince William Sound are considered two of the few remaining primarily pristine ecosystems in the world. Given the town’s history and fishery, it attracts an eclectic array of hearty residents and visitors.

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce is pleased to advertise the position of Executive Director at an exciting moment in the growth of our community and organization that requires a comprehensive overhaul of marketing strategies, messages and tools.

The incoming executive director will work with the board to assesses the entire scope of work and develop a reasonable and results oriented strategic plan to: market the Cordova Center to convention and meeting planners, prepare the community for convention and meeting business, update our marketing message and strategy for the tourism travel market, continue to produce a small portfolio of Chamber produced community events; and create new opportunities for membership development and co-branded marketing.