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This is an International Network of People, Movements and Organizations for Social Change. From small individual acts or large scale project developed by international organizations, for all and each one of positive action we make on this world we add a positive value to make a difference.

We share Ideas, Inspirations & Knowledges in different areas to make a better world to live ( Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Education, Equal Opportunities, Climate Change, Social Responsability, etc)

We create some special groups focused on topics where you can to share your point of view and talent as well as some programs like Travel & Help a way of travelling and helping in exchange of your skills and knowledge for free hospitality.

Esto es una Red de Personas, Movimientos y Organizaciones para el Cambio Social. Desde pequeños actos individuales o proyectos a gran escala desarrolloados por organizaciones internacionales, por todo y cada una de las acciones positivas que hacemos sobre este mundo agregamos un valor positivo para hacer la diferencia.

Compartimos Ideas, Inspiración & Conocimientos en diferentes campos para hacer un mundo mejor para vivir ( Energias Renovables, Sustentabilidad, Educación, Igual de Oportunidades, Cambio Climático, Responsabilidad Social, etc.)

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